Hospital Indemnity Plans

Get your Hospital Bill Covered

Most of our client’s number one worry is how they would be able to pay for a large hospital bill from an inpatient stay. With the hospital indemnity plans we offer you’ll never need to worry about coming up with the money to pay your hospital bill again.

Low Monthly Plan Cost

Hospital indemnity plans are very affordable! Let us give you a quote and show you how affordable these plans can be.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We promise we’ll do our best to find you the plan that fits your needs and budget. Once we find you a plan we’ll make sure to check in with you periodically throughout the year to make sure you’re happy with the plan you chose.

We offer hospital indemnity plans from the below companies!


Will I be reimbursed for an inpatient hospital stay in any hospital?

Yes, as long as your stay is classified as an inpatient stay the hospital indemnity plan will reimburse you the amount specified on your policy.

Is there an enrollment period to choose a hospital indemnity plan?

No, you can enroll on a hospital indemnity plan anytime of the year.

Can I add on optional gap coverage with my hospital indemnity plan?

Yes, many of the plans we offer also offer coverage for taking an ambulance, staying at a skilled nursing facility, and much more.

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